Around the Nucleus

submitted by: ahernk

This video is a surreal presentation of a Metabolic Melody by Kevin Ahern ( for more info). The tune is The Beatle's "Across the Universe." The lyrics and video are by Kevin Ahern and the recording is by David Simmons

Oksana Lukjancenko (Technical University of Denmark) at the 2012 SFAF Meeting

submitted by: JGI

Oksana Lukjancenko on "PanFunPro: bacterial pan-genome analysis based on the functional profiles" at the 2012 Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future Meeting held June 5-7, 2012 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Modern proteomes contain putative imprints of ancient shifts in trace metal geochemistry

submitted by: cdupont
Because of the rise in atmospheric oxygen 2.3 billion years ago (Gya) and the subsequent changes in oceanic redox state over the last 2.3–1 Gya, trace metal bioavailability in marine environments has changed dramatically. Although theorized to have influenced the biological usage of metals leaving discernable genomic signals, a thorough and quantitative test of this hypothesis has been lacking. Using structural bioinformatics and whole-genome sequences, the Fe-, Zn-, Mn-, and...
Authors: Christopher l. Dupont, Song Yang, Brian Palenik, Philip e. Bourne

LOCATE: a mouse protein subcellular localization database

submitted by: jlfink
We present here LOCATE, a curated, web-accessible database that houses data describing the membrane organization and subcellular localization of proteins from the FANTOM3 Isoform Protein Sequence set. Membrane organization is predicted by the high-throughput, computational pipeline MemO. The subcellular locations of selected proteins from this set were determined by a high-throughput, immunofluorescence-based assay and by manually reviewing >1700 peer-reviewed publications. LOCATE...