Science Nation - 3D Proteins - Getting the Big Picture

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Proteins are the workhorses of cells. With support from the National Science Foundation, University of Arkansas biochemist James Hinton has been researching their structure and function for decades. Back in the 1990's, he had a vision to study these huge protein structures in 3D and now, in cooperation with a company called Virtalis, his vision has become a reality. The new system allows researchers to enlarge the visual of a protein to room-size, so they can examine it from all angles, to...

Tip of the Week: Phosphida

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THis tip of the week is on Phosphida, a post translational modification database. For more information, see:

Tip of the Week: From UniProt to the PSI SBKB and Back Again

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For more information about these resources see our blog post at URL . In this tip I show you why & how you can move from a UniProt protein report to either an RCSB PDB structure page or to search results in the Structural Biology Knowledgebase that provide information on established protocols and available materials related to the protein of interest.

Tip of the Week: DomainDraw for quick motif diagrams

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Use DomainDraw to create handy motif diagrams on proteins, with appropriate scale. See for additional details and reference information.

Tip of the Week: PolySearch

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This tip is a quick introduction to PolySearch, for more information, see:

Tip of the Week: RCSB PDB Data Distribution Summaries

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For more information about this resource please see our blog post at URL In today's tip I will feature the data distribution summaries and their drill down features which you can see from many RCSB PDB searches.

Tip of the Week: PolyPhen

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This week's tip is on PolyPhen, a predictor of nonsynonymous SNP impacts on protein functions. For more information about PolyPhen and SNP functional prediction see the blog post:

Tip of the Week: PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase

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For more information about this resource see our blog post at URL on the OpenHelix blog. The PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase is a great resource for protein information, including structural information, especially if you are not a structural biologist. In this short movie I will search for a specific Protein Data Bank (PDB) ID & show you the information you can obtain and how it is formatted.