Structural Bioinformatics Pharm 201 UCSD Lecture 9

submitted by: Phil

This is lecture 9 from a graduate student class in structural bioinformatics offered at UCSD see The lecture covered the interrelationship between protein sequence-structure and function. This is a precursor to a study of data reduction and establishing a non-redundant set of information.

Jason Flowers Metabolic Characterization of Candidatus Accumulibacter Phosphatis Using Metaproteomic Analysis

submitted by: dougramsey
In many freshwater bodies, phosphorus is a limiting nutrient for bacterial growth. To prevent eutrophication, enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) of waste water has been successfully applied at sewage plants for the past thirty years. Previous researchers could only speculate about the biochemical pathways involved in EBPR principally because the organisms responsible for EBPR cannot be isolated in pure culture. Using metagenomic data recently obtained from a Candidatus...