The Effectiveness of the FLU-FOBT Program in Primary Care: A Randomized Trial

submitted by: MBPotter
Background: The FLU–FOBT Program is an intervention in which nurses provide home fecal occult blood tests (FOBTs) to eligible patients during annual influenza vaccination (FLU) campaigns. The effectiveness of the FLU–FOBT Program when implemented during primary care visits has not been extensively studied. Purpose: The effectiveness of the FLU–FOBT Program was tested as adapted for use during primary care visits in community clinics serving multiethnic patients with low baseline...
Authors: Michael b. Potter

Pilot Study of Providing Online Care in a Primary Care Setting

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Dr. John Bachman of Mayo Clinic discusses his Mayo Clin Proc. article (available online first at, detailing the results of a pilot study evaluating the effectiveness of the use of e-visits in a primary care setting using a structured history. The study results included increased convenience for patients and physicians while decreasing overall costs.