Our Built Environment: It Takes Energy

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Can we rethink the way buildings use energy? John Ochsendorf, an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture at MIT, is working with his students to change the way buildings are made and how they consume energy.

Green Revolution - Powering Up With Smart Grids

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How we get our energy is as important as how we make it. In this episode of Green Revolution, hear how scientists and engineers are updating the way electricity is distributed and improving how we power up. Visit the full Green Revolution series at: http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/greenrevolution/index.jsp .

European Heart Journal- My Cardio Interview: F. Cosentino, L. Appel & F. Sacks on POWER

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F. Consentino in conversation with L. Appel and F. Sacks: POWER: Practice-Based Opportunities for Weight Reduction

Cool things to do with solar

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using solar pv panels, charles takes us on a tour of the things he's powering with solar, including an electric motorcycle that takes him from Starbucks up into the snow on Mount Palomar.

Magnetilux Edison Lightbulb Rejuvination concept WCI-Energy WCI-Electronics

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The invention consists of two parts, the first part is a your typical edison style lightbulb base modified witha digital transformer that has various smart features such as bluetooth communication, and power management. The connecting terminals are completed by magnetism and conductivity. The lightbulb apparatus itself is fully recycleable, and provides a higher efficiency light output by utilizing the latest solidstate technology, which provide's a longer lamp life, and wider range of...

Three Biggest Mistakes in Science, Part 1/3 - Concept of Force

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Our understanding of fundamental concepts like force, definition of mass and the inverse square law of gravity appears to be flawed. Our entire underdstanding of science is dependent on these very basic concepts. This three part series explores the validity of these concepts.

Series: Concept of Force, Definition of Mass, Inverse square law of Gravity