Froment Engine

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Showing the potential energy levels around the magnets of a Forment Engine, one of the first electric motors in production.


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Host Lisa Van Pay visits the scientists and engineers working to make the electric car of the future a reality today. One of the toughest parts is storing enough potential energy to get you where you’re going, and in this case, it’s all about the battery. Graduate student Katharine Stroukoff from the University of Texas-Austin explains how her research may help build a better battery, while Mike Nawrot and Dan Lauber, members of the MIT electric vehicle team, describe the advantages of...


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The stakes are high for the snowboarders in Vancouver as they try to master new tricks to unseat the star of Torino, American Shaun White. But to get "max air" off the half-pipe without losing their balance, they might want to check out this experiment that Paul Doherty, a senior scientist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, cooked up, using a skateboard and a glass of water.


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One of the most popular team sports in the Winter Olympics is hockey. More than just a physical game, for scientists, it's a showcase for physics on ice--especially when it comes to the slapshot. Three-time Olympian Julie Chu, Thomas Humphrey, a senior scientist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and Katharine Flores, an associate professor in the department of materials science and engineering at Ohio State University, break down the science of hockey's hardest shot.

Why I Like Science

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This video is a short video on why I like science.
The roller coaster is my custom design for a B&M Floorless coaster called Sky Runner designed by me using NoLimits Coaster Simulator.

Science behind Roller Coaster

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My topic is about exploring the science behind the Roller Coasters. I had a toy kit with plasic parts which I used to build a roller coaster. It took me all night and the morning to finish it. But when it was done, it was cool and fun to play with. My friends loved it. This work I did building the plastic roller coaster, made me wonder how the real ones worked. I was also at Cedarpoint in June. I kept thinking how much fun science and technology provide to us. Part of my reason for me to...