Meeting the Challenges of Food Security with Biotechnology

submitted by: UP Los Baños

Documentation of the special seminar on "Meeting the Challenges of Food Security with Biotechnology," by Mark Lynas, Author, Environmental Campaigner, and Visiting Research Associate 
School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford University, United Kingdom last 23 August 2013 at SEARCA, UPLB, College, Laguna| 130 MB | 33 mins

Generalizability of Epidemiologic Findings: The Rochester Epidemiology Project

submitted by: WentzMR

Dr. Jennifer St. Sauver, Associate Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Health Sciences Research at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, discusses her article appearing in the February 2012 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings comparing data from the US Census bureau with statistics from the Rochester Epidemiology Project confirming the generalizability of its data. Available at:

Field ecology studies on migratory locust

submitted by: UP Los Baños
A report done on the project conducted to (1) study the biometrics and morphology of solitary and gregarious locust individuals of both sexes, (2) observe and measure rates of development of different life stages of locust in the field, (3) investigate the possible environmental and other factors that influence population development and shift from solitary to migratory phases, (4) study the ecology of breeding sites of locust, and (5) observe and understand the aggregation process, swarm...


submitted by: alex01
Daniele Piomelli, PhD. - Another approach was discussed by D. Piomelli (University of California, Irvine). URB 597, an inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), is expected to increase anandamide signaling and is being currently clinically tested in the therapy of pain. An increase in anandamide signaling may also be useful in the therapy of depression. This is a novel approach to the development of antidepressants. The signaling can be enhanced by blocking anadamide metabolism or by...