Chalk Talk - Polymers

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Muscle fibers, DNA and plastics are all examples of polymers. Watch this video to learn more.


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Olympic athletes have long worn special competition clothing to gain an edge. Science and technology continue to improve on what they wear. Hear from Olympians Chad Hedrick, Steve Holcomb and Erin Hamlin, and Melissa Hines, the director of the Cornell University Center for Materials Research, about how the latest in competition suits will go to work for Team USA in Vancouver.

Molecular dynamics simulation of liquid crystalline polymers: what can be achieved?

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Jaroslav Ilnytskyi, Institute for Condensed Matter Physics Abstract: Polymeric liquid crystals combine the features of both the polymer and liquid crystal. Their fine-tuning is possible on the stage of synthesis which leads to a number of practical applications (high strength plastics, displays, optical data storage). We present some recent results in molecular dynamics simulations of such systems. Liquid crystalline dendrimer is studied in isotropic, nematic and smectic A solvent and we...