Sucrose molecular structure

submitted by: nsf
Sucrose is table sugar—that ubiquitous sweet white crystal that sweetens our tea, coffee and apple pies, yet is also the villain blamed for tooth decay and other health issues. Through its Biological Sciences Directorate, NSF has funded Brian Ayre from the University of North Texas who studied the way sucrose produced in plant leaves through photosynthesis moved to and affected plant tissues. Sucrose is transported to tissues that are growing or accumulating storage reserves that can...

Evolution of Reproductive Morphology in Leaf Endophytes

submitted by: JeffreyTownsend
The endophytic lifestyle has played an important role in the evolution of the morphology of reproductive structures (body) in one of the most problematic groups in fungal classification, the Leotiomycetes (Ascomycota). Mapping fungal morphologies to two groups in the Leiotiomycetes, the Rhytismatales and Hemiphacidiaceae reveals significant divergence in body size, shape and complexity. Mapping ecological roles to these taxa reveals that the groups include endophytic fungi living on leaves...
Authors: Zheng Wang, Peter R. Johnston, Zhu L. Yang, Jeffrey P. Townsend