Piston Rotary Engine - THREEE CHIDOT - ABSOLUTE motion

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SYNISON Laboratory LTD R E V E A L S * the Innovative & Impressively FLEXIBLE MOTION PATTERN of Pistons of the New Piston Rotary Engine: "THREEE CHIDOT" (Absolute Motion). { this video is just a demo; for a Complete Piston Absolute Position Array (CPAPA) and/or a Complete Toothing Profile Point Array (CTPPA), of an Optimized Model, visit: www.synison.gr } (*) WO/2009/040588: Application Example & Claim 7: - YELLOW peripheral stripe represents the INTAKE slot - MAGENTA...

Piston Rotary Engine - THREEE CHIDOT - RELATIVE motion (animation & diagram)

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THE DOT project -
THREEE CHIDOT as application example of THE DOT concept -
THREEE CHIDOT operation - explanatory video & diagram