The deceptive nature of UVA-tanning versus the modest protective effects of UVB-tanning on human skin

submitted by: vhearing
The relationship between human skin pigmentation and protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation is an important element underlying differences in skin carcinogenesis rates. The association between UV damage and the risk of skin cancer is clear, yet a strategic balance in exposure to UV needs to be met. Dark skin is protected from UV-induced DNA damage significantly more than light skin due to the constitutively higher pigmentation but an as yet unresolved and important question is what...
Authors: Vincent j. Hearing, Ludger Kolbe, Yoshinori Miyamura, Sergio g. Coelho, Kathrin Schlenz, Jan Batzer, Christoph Smuda, Wonseon Choi, Michaela Brenner, Thierry Passeron, Guofeng Zhang, Rainer Wolber