How to explain a child’s cancer diagnosis

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Explaining to a child that he or she has been diagnosed with cancer is difficult for parents. In this podcast, MD Anderson Child Life Specialist Kelly Wagner shares information, advice and different approaches for how to talk to children of all ages about their cancers.

How to address body image issues in pediatric cancer patients

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Download from iTunes: Children as young as five years old can experience body image issues. When children are treated for cancer, these concerns may be amplified by changes such as weight gain, hair loss, or amputations. In this episode, MD Anderson child life specialist Morinsola Keshinro provides insight into the challenges young children, adolescents and teens face with their body image, as well as ways their...

Wilms’ tumor: childhood kidney cancer

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Download from iTunes: Wilms’ tumor is a cancer that develops in the kidney and is the fifth most common cancer in children. Generally there are no symptoms and Wilms’ tumor is most likely discovered when a large mass is felt by a parent. Najat Daw, M.D., professor in Pediatrics at MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses detection, treatment and research for Wilms’ tumor.

Volunteer Makes a Difference for Pediatric Patients

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When Mary Belle Wooddy began volunteering at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital, the five-year survival rate for children with cancer was less than 60%. Wooddy, who has volunteered in the pediatric playroom for 35 years, has seen that survival rate rise to 80% along with a lot of other changes at the hospital.

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Research Helping the Cancer Survivor

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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is leading the way in new research initiatives addressing issues faced by cancer survivors. Guadalupe Palos, M.S.W., Dr.P.H., Manager of the Office of Cancer Survivorship at MD Anderson, explains the importance of funding cancer survivor research and discusses current studies investigating ways to reduce treatment side effects. Jason Cox is a childhood cancer survivor of rhabdomyosarcoma and is now a successful attorney. Cox discusses his...

Massachussets General Hospital Global Health Forum

Dr Aamir Jalal Al Mosawi talk in Massachussets General Hospital Global Health Forum