MWV #81 - Sheldon Campbell - The Singing Microbiologist

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Sheldon Campbell sings about microbiology. Dr. Campbell teaches microbiology at Yale School of Medicine and he uses music to enhance his lectures. He has one song for every block of lectures he gives on a major topic. Songs he's written include a song about fungi, tick borne disease, tuberculosis and one that reviews all of microbiology in eight minutes. Dr. Campbell hasn't done any testing to see his songs are more effective at getting his message across but he does get the occasional...

One Way to Structure an Hour in an Elementary Classroom.

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A fourth grade teacher describes strategies she uses to structure individual lessons in her elementary school classroom. In the video you will notice biomedical science students from Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science observing Ms. Thai in her classroom prior to starting their mentoring activities with the elementary school students.

Elementary Classroom Management Techniques

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Tips for scientists, from a fourth grade teacher, on how to gain and keep the attention of students in an elementary school classroom. Mrs. Thai shares her insights on classroom management with biomedical science students from Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science before they start mentoring kids at an elementary school in the neighborhood.

Checking for Understanding

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A critical aspect of teaching is checking whether or not your students understand what you are trying to communicate. Mrs. Thai, a fourth grade teacher, shares ways to check for understanding with biomedical science students from Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science.

Technology and Students: Mix, Match or Miss?

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Jean-Claude Bradley presents on "Technology and Students - Mix, Match or Miss?" at the Villanova Teaching and Learning Strategies Symposium on May 13, 2010. Topics covered include screencasting, wikis, games and Second Life, with a particular focus on student response to these technologies.

e-learning online distance education blended learning ID elearning on-line learning

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McWeadon Professor Badrul Khan describes e-learning framework. Flexible Learning in an Information Society View small group discussion at:

Talk by Jim Nelson

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Jim Nelson talks about what needs to be done to help the learning gaps in children of different backgrounds be bridged and points out that one of the causes of the problem is the competency of the teaching staff in terms of education and pedagogic skills.