Wisskomm Vodcast, 46. Woche 2007

submitted by: wisskomm
Wisskomm Wochenschau (in German) In dieser Ausgabe ist das unter anderem: - Die Ausstellung "Neustart" - "The Last Oil Shock" - "ABC-TV-Doku "Peak Oil?": " - Science Center für Kiel - Das Projekt "Zahlenzauber" - Das Portal "Jugendszenen" - TV-Spots der University of Montana bei YouTube" Das Wisskomm Videocast ist eine Gemeinschaftsproduktion von Wisskomm e.V. und dem Autorenwerk Berlin. Mehr Infos und die passenden Links finden Sie bei www.wisskomm.de

The end of growth and liberal democracy: Occupy as a symptom of systems failure

submitted by: Karey

Public lecture at Manning Clark House, Canberra
Friday, April 6, 2012 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Limits to Growth and concepts of sustainable development

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Paper presented to Revival of Political Economy Conference, Coimbra, Portugal, 21st - 23rd October, 2010. Abstract: Evidence validating Club of Rome models showing Limits to Growth (Turner 2008; Donella H. Meadows et al. 2004; Simmons 2000; Jackson 2009) will be considered. It will be shown that Limits to Growth calls into question key assumptions regarding projected minimal economic costs of per capita Contraction & Convergence strategies for achieving global greenhouse emission...

Peak Oil: Transition to low carbon society

submitted by: Karey
Public workshop on Peak Oil and the challenge it poses to business as usual approaches to managing the economy. 7pm Wednesday 11 August 2010 Toowoomba Queensland Speaker: Dr Karey Harrison (Energy Specialist USQ, Al Gore Climate Presenter) Just before Conventional Oil Production peaked in 2008 oil hit $147b. The Financial Crisis has reduced demand so prices have temporarily fallen. ALL petroleum liquids are expected to peak in 2012 and there are no projects online that can meet...

World Changing Ideas: The Global Energy Transformation Institute

submitted by: BuzzBinder
This original video, produced for the "Scientific American World Changing Ideas Video Contest," features Global Energy Transformation Institute (GETI) Founder Mats R. Larsson and information related to how GETI's approach to global energy management is often overlooked yet necessary. The Global Energy Transformation Institute's mission is as follows: "The Global Energy Transformation Institute (GETI) was founded in 2007 to identify challenges and solutions with large-scale energy...