Manipulation of Disk-Shaped Islands and Direct Measurement of Dipolar Elastic Interaction Forces Between Islands on Freely Suspended Smectic Films Using Optical Tweezers

submitted by: icamvid

Chool Soo Park gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about his experiments involving islands on films, depolarized reflected light microscopy, and optical tweezers.

Advances to the Biochemical, Genetic and Genomic (BiGG) Database

submitted by: jypark
The BiGG database is a widely used resource for sharing genome-scale metabolic reconstructions. BiGG integrates several published genome-scale metabolic networks into one resource with standard nomenclature which allows components to be compared across different species. Furthermore, BiGG contains links to several publicly available databases where additional information can be found and integrated. In addition, BiGG contains a customized export tool that enables the generation of SBML...