Science Nation - Antarctica Rocks

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Geologist John Goodge looks for clues about Antarctica's past in the two percent of the continent that is not covered in ice! The University of Minnesota, Duluth professor studies rocks that help provide evidence about how this desolate continent has formed and changed over time. He also hopes to get a better idea of what the Earth looked like long before the seven continents we have now. Goodge and his colleagues are supported by the U.S. Antarctic Program, which is managed by the National...

wisskomm tv 17/08

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German vodcast about science communications.Nicht-Newtonsche Füssigkeiten: Erklärt im Fischblog , bei Wikipedia und via Video bei Youtube - Wissenschaftsblogs als Tagcloud - Benedikt Köhler im Interview bei turi2 - Die Robocup German Open in Hannover und als Videos der MBBS - Podiumsdiskussion in München : Wissenschaftssprache: Abschied vom Deutschen? -  Von A nach B – Die Kunst des Transports in Bremen - Nobelpreisträger bei Spektrum der Wissenschaft - Der...


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A documentary on tectonics, continental drift, and ocean floor exploration.