Paleontologists discover fossil of bizarre groundhog-like mammal on Madagascar

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NSF-funded scientists from Stony Brook University have discovered an almost complete skull of a previously unknown mammal that likely resembled a large modern-day groundhog and lived alongside dinosaurs.

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Science Nation - DigiMorph

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Cutting edge research without having to cut up anything! For hundreds of years, scientists who wanted to examine a rare fossil might have had to travel halfway around the world. And that is not the only challenge when viewing a small, unique or priceless specimen. Now a new range of tools provides a chance for researchers anywhere in the world to see a one-of-a-kind specimen, with no fear of damaging it. For more Science Nation visit:...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Emily Allen

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Ocean acidification during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum at Contessa Road, Italy: Insights from weight percent carbonate content Emily Allen B.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisors Dr. Stephen Schellenberg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM; ~55 Ma) is defined as a period of time during which thousands of petagrams of carbon were...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Brian Pierce

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Assessing the allogenic and autogenic controls on cyclothem deposition of an epeiric shelf: A case study from the Upper Pennsylvanian Finis Shale of Texas Brian Pierce M.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisors Dr. Jared R. Morrow, Stephen A. Schellenberg, and Gary Girty -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT Geochemical (XRF) and paleocommunity analysis (Forcino et al., 2010) of the...

The Well Dressed Ape book review

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Joanne describes her listening experience of the audio version of life-science-popular-book-writer Hannah Holmes' "The Well Dressed Ape: A Natural History of Myself" as the more comprehensive and funnier updated version of the 1960s "The Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris. Joanne's goal with book reviews is to be positive and intelligent and encourage the reluctant science reader to pick up a book and to let science enthusiasts know what is available on the bookshelves now.

The Origin of Vertebrates - Part 1: The Origin of the Vertebrate Nervous System: The Hemichordat

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Modern cell and developmental biology has a lot to contribute to our understanding of the deep history of animal origins, which until recently has been largely the province of paleontology. In this set of lectures, I hope to show how recent studies by a very small group of scientists on a virtually unknown phylum of marine organisms, the hemichordates, has helped explain some of the major mysteries of the origin of vertebrates. This is a tour of not only vertebrate origins but the...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis - Ben Slotnick

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Biotic response of Tethyan bathyal ostracodes through the Eocene-Oligocene Transition from the Massignano Composite Stratotype Section (east central Italy) - The Eocene-Oligocene Transition (EOT) is marked by a double-stepped ~1.3‰ positive excursion in d18O over an ~300 kyr interval (i.e., Oi-1; Miller et al., 1991; Zachos et al., 1996; Coxall et al., 2005) and a deepening of the calcium compensation depth (CCD) interpreted to represent marked Antarctic glaciation and global...