Montgomery High School - What Did You Learn in School Today - Scratch

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Montgomery High School Students are introduced to the computer application Scratch; a digital interface, which allows students to create and manipulate the actions of a character teaching them basic techniques of animation.

Shake that Building - What Did You Learn in School Today?

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CyberBridge and Chula Vista Middle School, team up to teach students critical knowledge about Earthquakes! Creating an earthquake simulation model, Chula Vista Middle staff, challenge students with creating buildings stable enough to withstand the quakes magnitude. Using, different craft materials, students learn what shapes and structures fair better against this real life natural phenomena.

Outreach: A Cambridge Perspective

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Anson Cheung presents Cambridge University

Making a Difference

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Like Sign In or Sign Up now! making a difference1.mp4 From: thebccdc | July 12, 2010 | 6 views Loading...Active since 2004, the Vietnam HIV/AIDS/STI Community Clinics Network (HCCN) Project has been a leader in public health development innovation in Vietnam by introducing a etiologic approach to the management of sexually transmitted infections and developing a network of clinics in three Mekong provinces and Hi Chi Minh City. The project has made an impact targeting vulnerable...