Gene Annotator Tutorial

submitted by: RGD.Videos

The Gene Annotator takes a list of gene symbols, RGD IDs, GenBank accession numbers, Ensembl identifiers, and/or a chromosomal region, and retrieves annotation data from RGD. This tool will retrieve annotations from any or all ontologies used at RGD for genes and their orthologs, as well as links to additional information at other databases.

PHAR 201 Lecture 4 2012 UCSD

submitted by: Phil

Structural bioinformatics - Ontologies and Data Representation

Tip of the Week: eGIFT, extracting gene information from text

submitted by: OpenHelix

This week's tip is on eGIFT, a tool that allows you to extract information from text. For more information, check out the post at

GSC 12 Session VI: EnvO: deploying an environment ontology in the GSC

submitted by: psterk1
The 12th Genomic Standards Consortium Meeting (GSC 12), held at The Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany, September 28-30, 2011 ( ). Barry Smith (U Buffalo) - An Introduction to Ontology as a Strategy for Data Integration Barry Smith (U Buffalo) - The Structure of the Environment Ontology Peter Dawyndt (Ghent University) - Microorganism-centered Computing 
Konstantinos Liolios (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) -...

YeastMine Widgets: GO Term Enrichment

submitted by: yeastgenome

This tutorial demonstrates how to use YeastMine to obtain a GO Term Enrichment analysis for a gene list.

Towards an ontology of visual information

submitted by: ucsd_idash

Speaker: Dr. Dina Demner-Fushman, NLM

Semantic Search through the Neuroscience Information Framework

submitted by: jgrethe

This video tutorial explores advanced search through the Neuroscience Information Framework, a dynamic inventory of Web-based neuroscience resources (i.e. data, materials, and tools). In the tutorial, semantic search is explored and how one can use the NIF ontologies to refine, expand, and customize the search/discovery process.

Introduction to Biomedical Ontologies #4: Ontology Term Enrichment Using RatMine

submitted by: jennifer.r.smith
You've done your experiments and you have a list of genes that might be of interest, but…what now? Or you keep seeing the term "ontology term enrichment analysis" in the papers you're reading and, well, you have a vague idea of what that means, but you aren't really sure. Whether you're interested in information about gene functions, diseases, phenotypes or pathways, this video provides an overview of what ontology term enrichment analysis is and how you can use the "widgets" in RatMine...

EnvO-Lite, the Environment Ontology and the description of Habitat

submitted by: psterk1

9th Genomic Standards Consortium Workshop at JCVI, Rockville, MD, USA, April 28-30, 2010.
Update on the Environmental Ontology

Utopia Documents

submitted by: srp

A demonstration of Utopia Documents -- a PDF reading tool that allows scientific articles to be augmented with interactive content, and helps the reader explore the data associated with a paper.