July 18, 2014; iDASH External Webinar; Emily Silgard

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Natural Language Processing; Getting Structured Data from Unstructured Sources Emily Silgard Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Abstract: This will be a general introduction to Natural Language Processing; some discussion of the whats and whys, and common tasks in the field. We’ll get into some of its uses within the biomedical domain, some specific projects at the Seattle Cancer Care Consortium and some toy examples and high level description of methods for getting discrete...

Information Visualization for Medical Informatics

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Presentation as part of the NLP Temporal Reasoning Journal Club

Making Natural Language Processing More Accessible for Analysis of Clinical Text

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Speaker: Wendy W. Chapman, Division of Biomedical Informatics UCSD

VHA ORD HSRD as Stakeholder

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Presenter: Merry Ward

Tools and Platforms for Playing Together

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Presenters: David Carrell, Kyle Chard, Wendy Chapman, Qing Zeng

Text and Annotation

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Presenters: John Pestian, Wendy Chapman, Scott DuVall, Brett R. South

Stakeholder Perspective: Epidemiology

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Presenter: Brian C. Sauer

Is NLP Meeting the Needs of Stakeholders

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Panel: Merry Ward, Peter Haug, Brian Sauer, Len D'Avolio

Goals of Current Initiatives

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Presenters: Lucila Ohno-Machado, Jonathan R. Nebeker, Christopher Chute, Matthew Samore, Guergana Savova

Developing a Software Ecosystem

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Speaker: James Herbsleb