Science Nation - Physics of Animation

submitted by: nsf
In the multi-billion dollar movie and video game industry, making animations come to life is a crucial and revered skill. It takes a solid understanding of physics. For example, animators need to know things like how to cast shadows, how to direct the movement of their characters, and how objects, such as motorcycles, should maneuver. With support from the National Science Foundation, San Jose State University Physicist Alejandro Garcia has developed a course in physics for animators and...

Science Nation - Cyber Sickness - A Virtual Bummer

submitted by: nsf
Is a trip to the 3-D movies making you sick? With the recent release of blockbusters such as Avatar and How to Train your Dragon and with expectations that 3-D TVs will be a big seller during the holidays, 2010 is fast shaping up to become "The Year of 3-D," at least in the world of entertainment. If Hollywood ticket sales are any indication, folks are embracing the new technology in droves. But, while many of us watch 3-D entertainment in awe, others are compelled to look away. There just...

Effect of Smoking Scenes in Films on Immediate Smoking A Randomized Controlled Study

submitted by: dikla.shmueli
Background: The National Cancer Institute has concluded that exposure to smoking in movies causes adolescent smoking and there are similar results for young adults. Purpose: This study investigated whether exposure of young adult smokers to images of smoking in films stimulated smoking behavior. Methods: 100 cigarette smokers aged 18–25 years were randomly assigned to watch a movie montage composed with or without smoking scenes and paraphernalia followed by a 10-minute recess. The...
Authors: Stanton Glantz, Judith Prochaska, Dikla Shmueli