Endothelin-1 is a transcriptional target of p53 in epidermal keratinocytes and regulates UV induced melanocyte homeostasis

submitted by: arup.indra
Keratinocytes contribute to melanocyte activity by influencing their microenvironment, in part, through secretion of paracrine factors. Here we discovered that p53 directly regulates Edn1 expression in epidermal keratinocytes and controls UV-induced melanocyte homeostasis. Selective ablation of EDN1 in murine epidermis (EDN1ep-/-) does not alter melanocyte homeostasis in newborn skin but decreases dermal melanocytes in adult skin. Results showed that keratinocytic EDN1 in a non-cell...
Authors: Daniel J. Coleman, Gitali Ganguli-Indra, Stephen Hyter, Arup Indra, Steven Ma, Gary F. Merrill, Masashi Yanagisawa

Embryonic stem-cell-preconditioned microenvironment induces loss of cancer cell properties in human melanoma cells

submitted by: cmjones
The cancer microenvironment affects cancer cell proliferation and growth. Embryonic stem (ES)-preconditioned 3-dimensional (3-D) culture of cancer cells induces cancer cell reprogramming and results in a change in cancer cell properties such as differentiation and migration in skin melanoma. However, the mechanism has not yet been clarified. Using the ES-preconditioned 3-D microenvironment model, we provide evidence showing that the ES microenvironment inhibits proliferation and...
Authors: M. o. Kim, S. h. Kim, N. Oi, M. h. Lee, D. h. Yu, D. j. Kim, E. j. Cho, A. m. Bode, Y. y. Cho, T. g. Bowden, Z. Dong

Differential roles of the pRb and Arf/p53 pathways in murine naevus and melanoma genesis

submitted by: gwalker
We report on a systematic analysis of genotype-specific melanocyte (MC) UVR responses in transgenic mouse melanoma models along with tumour penetrance and comparative histopathology. pRb or p53 pathway mutations cooperated with NrasQ61K to transform MCs. We previously reported that MCs migrate from the follicular outer root sheath into the epidermis after neonatal UVR. Here, we found that Arf or p53 loss markedly diminished this response. Despite this, mice carrying these mutations...
Authors: Graeme Walker, Blake Ferguson