Dynamics of Large-Scale Domain Motions in Protein Kinase A

submitted by: icamvid

Don Blumenth gives a talk at the RPP08 conference about the application of SAXS small-angle scattering to study the domain motions in Protein Kinase A and other protein kinases specifically in response to cAMP.

Conspicuity of moving soldiers

submitted by: alexandertoet
The construction and validation of soldier combat models requires data on the conspicuity of camouflaged targets in the field, and human targets in particular. So far, this data is lacking. Also, it is currently unknown to what degree luminance contrast and motion contribute to target conspicuity. These data are needed to enable the validation and further development of human visual search performance modules in soldier combat models like SCOPE or IWARS. In this study we measured the...

Sun's Destiny

submitted by: scivee-team

Scientists discus the sun's future.