Athermal Photofluidization of Glasses or Controlling Viscosity with Light

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Athermal Photofluidization of Glasses or Controlling Viscosity with Light by Dr. Noel Clark, University of Colorado at Boulder

Clathrin-mediated endocytosis regulates occludin, and not focal adhesion, distribution during epithelial wound healing

submitted by: RappoportLab
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Vesicle trafficking has long been suggested to play mechanistic roles in regulating directed cell migration. Recent evidence demonstrates that specific cell types and modes of migration involve transport of particular cargo through particular pathways. Epithelial wound healing is essential in tissue repair. However, investigations into the mechanisms regulating cell migration have mainly focused upon other models such as fibroblast-derived cells. Roles for vesicle...
Authors: Sarah Fletcher, Natalie Poulter, Elizabeth Haining, Joshua Rappoport

Local Photo-reorientation of a Liquid Crystal Using a Laser Focused on an azo Dye-based monolayer

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Yue Shi gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about the properties of DMR Azo-SAM and its use on liquid crystals, and the local reorientation of liquid crystals.

Optical Studies of Sub-monolayer Dye Films for Photo-alignment of Liquid Crystal Cells

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J. M. Dahdah talks about functionalized surfaces, their role in the development of nanostructures, their properties controlled by light, and their complex micro-structural environments.