Arabic subtitles to "Money as debt" video

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هذه نسخة مترجمة للعربية من الفيلم التثقيفي Money as Debt فيلم من أروع ما يمكن لشرح النظام المالي العالمي الحالي، الفيلم بالرغم من أنه يعالج قضية شديدة التعقيد والتخصص، إلا أنه يعالجها في إطار شيق جدا من خلال شخصيات كرتونية تسهل على غير المتخصص فهم الأمور بطريقة رائعة. بقي أن...

Good Day LA Interviews Dr. Bob Sears

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Fox Morning News welcomes Pediatrician Doctor Bob Sears to discuss natural remedies. Renowned pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears has had excellent results with his patients using Bionorica's Sinupret for Kids.

Cocaine residue - false positive evidence

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Authors: Darryl Inaba, D Inaba

Management issues in e-learning elearning online on-line distance education

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McWeadon Education founder Professor Badrul Khan delivered a keynote address at the Computer Courseware Development Conference (5-16 February 2007) Kathmandu, Nepal organized by the Asian Development Bank.

What I would Want a Scientist to Tell Me

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This is a training video for the San Diego Science Festival's Nifty Fifty speakers. The students share what they would want to know from a scientist, if he or she was to visit their school.