20111110 - Computational Systems Biology - Further Properties of Complex (Biological) Networks

submitted by: rostlab

Course: Computational Systems Biology
Title: Further Properties of Complex (Biological) Networks
Speaker: Arthur Dong
Date: 20111110

Structural Bioinformatics Pharm 201 UCSD Lecture 16

submitted by: Phil
This is lecture 16 from a graduate student class in structural bioinformatics offered at UCSD see http://www.sdsc.edu/pb/edu/pharm201/ The lecture covers molecular graphics and following a brief introduction is a class discussion of the good and bad features of various molecular graphics programs based on an assignment the class had undertaken. Namely: Render a PDB structure of protein kinase A in two or more of the following tools: jmol, Pymol, Chimera (UCSF), ICM Browser (MolSoft) and...

Real-time Ray Tracing of Complex Molecular Scenes with BALLView and RTfact

submitted by: akdehof

This is two posters given together relating to molecular visualization.