Epizyme - HMT "Tree" Presentation Video

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A survey of the human genome was performed to understand the constituency of protein methyltransferases (both protein arginine and lysine methyltransferases) and the relatedness of their catalytic domains. We identified 51 protein lysine methyltransferase proteins based on similarity to the canonical Drosophila Su(var)3-9, enhancer of zeste (E(z)), and trithorax (trx) domain. Disruptor of telomeric silencing-1-like, a known protein lysine methyltransferase, did not fit within the protein...
Authors: Christopher Sneeringer, Margaret Scott, Keith Elliston, Danielle Johnston, Lei Jin, L. fred Jerva, Victoria Richon, Robert Copeland, Christina Majer

Preservation of adaptive plasticity across scales of biological organization: from molecules to societies

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This webcast outlines why and how adaptive plasticity is maintained at each and every scale of biological organization

The PDZ Domain as a Complex Adaptive System

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Specific protein associations define the wiring of protein interaction networks and thus control the organization and functioning of the cell as a whole. Peptide recognition by PDZ and other protein interaction domains represents one of the best-studied classes of specific protein associations. However, a mechanistic understanding of the relationship between selectivity and promiscuity commonly observed in the interactions mediated by peptide recognition modules as well as its functional...
Authors: Alexei Kurakin, Andrzej Swistowski, Susan c. Wu, Dale e. Bredesen