Using Spatial Light Modulators for generation and control of multiple nondiffracting beams

submitted by: icamvid

T. Cizmar gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about spatial spectrum modulation experimental realization, and applications of spatial light modulators.

Policryps Structures and Applications

submitted by: icamvid

Luciano De Sio gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about writing conditions during the policryps fabrication, policryps grating, phase modulator behavior, and tunable optical filters.

Cytokines and Neutrophins in Neuroprotection

submitted by: alex01
Dr. Michael Spedding published recently a review on the role of cytokines and neurotrophins in disease. Neurotrophins (e.g. BDNF) have beneficial effects on neuronal plasticity and brain metabolism. Inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL1beta)oppose the effects of neurotrophins. Both, neurotrophins and cytokines are targets for the development of new drugs affecting central nervous system. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is the main activity-dependent neurotrophic factor. Interleukin 1beta...