Telemedicine extends minimally invasive surgery’s benefits

submitted by: mdanderson
MD Anderson Cancer Center has a program focused on minimally invasive surgery that includes patient care, training for health care professionals and research into new minimally invasive and robotic surgical advances. Called MINTOS (Minimally Invasive New Technologies for Oncologic Surgery), the program also involves perioperative telemedicine aimed at extending specialized surgical care to underserved communities using mobile technologies. Surena Matin, M.D., medical director for MINTOS, and...

MWV Episode 43 - USA Science and Engineering Festival - Part 2

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
On October 23 2010, MicrobeWorld attended the first annual USA Science and Engineering Festival on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In part 2 of this two-part video, Stanley Maloy, Dean of the College of Science at San Diego State University, continues his tour of the microbiology related exhibits at the festival. Featured in this episode are members of the departments of biology and microbiology at the University of Georgia and Idaho State University. Maloy also introduces us to some...

mHealth - Infectious Disease in the Mobile Age

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
Mobile health or mHealth is part of a movement towards citizen-centered health services delivered through cellular technologies. Mobile phones in particular are becoming a first line of defense against emerging infectious diseases by keeping healthcare practitioners and the public informed about outbreaks. For individuals mHealth technologies can provide real-time monitoring of vital signs and even deliver treatment services in the form of risk assessments, medication regimens and doctor...

Wilson Wireless Amplifier for USB727, KPC680 and Cell Phone

submitted by: MoreMobile

We show you how to use the wireless end of an Amplifier to Boost the Signal of a Mobile Broadband Card AND Cell Phone at the same time!

Verizon USB727 vs Sprint U727 USB Card Comparison Demo

submitted by: MoreMobile

We compare the Verizon Novatel USB727 vs the Sprint version the U727. Even thought they look exactly the same there are a few differences. Both are Free at

Verizon USB727 vs C597 USB Card Comparison Demo

submitted by: MoreMobile

We compare the Sprint Sierra Wireless Compass 597 with the Verizon Novatel USB727. While similar, there are some important differences. Both are available for Free at

Kyocera KR2 Router with Verizon USB727, KPC680 & PC5750

submitted by: MoreMobile

The Kyocera KR2 Mobile Broadband Router is reviewed along with 3 types of Verizon Cards that work with it. Also info on how to get the Router & Card Combo for $204.99

Verizon USB727 vs PC5750 Wireless Internet Comparison

submitted by: MoreMobile compares the Novatel USB727 USB mobile broadband modem and the Pantech PC5750 PCMCIA mobile broadband card.

Verizon Card Comparison: Novatel USB727 vs Kyocera KPC680

submitted by: MoreMobile reviews the Verizon Novatel USB727 USB mobile broadband modem and the Kyocera KPC680 mobile broadband expresscard. See which card best fits your needs.

Video Comparison of the UM175 & USB727 for Verizon.

submitted by: MoreMobile compares the UTStarcom UM175 and the Novatel USB727 USB Mobile Broadband modems. See which one best fits your needs. Both are Free at More Mobile Internet.