The Leveraged Freedom Chair: a developing country wheelchair

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The purpose of the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) project is to create a mobility aid specifically for developing countries. Conventional western-styled wheelchairs are nearly impossible to propel on the sandy roads and muddy walking paths frequently encountered in the developing world. The LFC has a variable mechanical advantage lever drivetrain that enables its user to travel 10-20% faster on tarmac than a conventional wheelchair, and off road like no other mobility aid available. The user...

wisskomm tv 20/08

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German vodcast about science communications.Vom World Wide Teleskop hinab in die Ozeane: Robert Ballards Vortra g bei den TEDtalks - Teaching Science: Richard Dawkins über Begeisterung in der Wissenschaft und wie der Physiker Walter Lewin dies in seinen Vorlesungen umsetzt - Das "Minimathematikum" in Dortmund und der restliche Tourplan - Herausfordernd: Der Heureka-Journalistenpreis - Gemeinsam anpacken: Der Wettbewerb "Generation D" - Der öffentliche...

Accelerating Biology with Bioinformatics: Collaborations with Lab Scientists

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Fran Lewitter, Ph.D. Director of the Bioinformatics and Research Computing Department, Whitehead Institute, MIT

Time Dilation - An Experiment With Mu-Mesons

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TIME DILATION: an experiment with mu-mesons This classic film documents an experiment done in 1963 the results of which can only be explained when one accepts the consequence that moving clocks run slow. This phenomenon is known as time dilation. The timekeeping device is the mu-meson, a subatomic particle with origins away from the Earth moving at relativistic speed. What follows here is an explanation of the experiment described in that film. Many mu-mesons rain down every hour on the...