Tip of the Week: MapMi, mapping miRNA sequences

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Today's tip is on MapMi, a tool to map miRNA sequences to genomic sequences. See http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=10282 for more information

European Heart Journal - My Cardio Interview: Stefanie Dimmeler & Ulf Landmesser on microRNAs

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Stefanie Dimmeler in conversation with Ulf Landmesser:
MicroRNAs: novel therapeutic targets in CV diseases

Unraveling the mysteries of Kawasaki disease using the genetics/genomics tool box

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Speaker: Jane C. Burns, MD, UCSD Division of Allergy and Immunology

Tip of the Week: RepTar, miRNA database

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Today's tip of the week is on RepTar. To learn more about this tip, the database and other miRNA databases, visit the blog post on RepTar

Tip of the Week: CircuitsDB for TF/miRNA/gene Regulation Networks

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For more information about this tip and resource see our blog post at http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=5360. In this tip we introduce CircuitsDB, a database of MicroRNA / Transcription Factor Regulatory Circuits in Human and Mouse. We demonstrate a basic search and then explore the information provided in the result reports.

Small Regulatory RNAs May Sharpen Spatial Expression Patterns

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The precise establishment of gene expression patterns is a crucial step in development. Formation of a sharp boundary between high and low spatial expression domains requires a genetic mechanism that exhibits sensitivity, yet is robust to fluctuations, a demand that may not be easily achieved by morphogens alone. Recently, it has been demonstrated that small RNAs (and, in particular, microRNAs) play many roles in embryonic development. Whereas some RNAs are essential for embryogenesis,...
Authors: Erel Levine, Peter Mchale, Herbert Levine