Increasing Speed of UHPLC-MS Analysis of Vitamin D for Research Use

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Sarah Fair presents her scientific poster about removing manual pipetting from the analysis of vitamin D metabolites, testosterone and cortisol using the accuracy and precision of the Thermo Scientific Platemate Pipetting Workstation. Using the automated system offered significant time savings and passed all acceptance criteria for the compounds tested.

Metabolic disorder: Find it early, save a child.

submitted by: Clare Hovan
Skipping across the playground. Trotting off to school. Flying kites in the park. The researchers at the Centre Hospital Universite De Sherbrooke (CHUS) in Quebec need not look far to see reminders of why their work is so important. Early detection of metabolic disorders in newborns offers a better chance for preventing such serious conditions as mental retardation, metabolic acidosis, even death. Listen to how the CHUS urine screening program has made a difference in helping Quebec’s...