Tissue Culture of Jatropha curcas

submitted by: UP Los Baños
A report on the project done to develop tissue culture protocol for the mass propagation of high oil-yielding varieties of Jatropha adaptable to the Philippines. Specifically, the project determined the following: (1) sterilization scheme for tissues for culture, (2) best/most responsive tissue/explant for culture, (3) appropriate medium for callus formation, shoot induction and rooting, (4) incubation or culture conditions (light, temperature, photoperiod) for growth and development of...

SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Stephen T. Hasiotis

submitted by: tcarrasc
Ichnology for the 21st Century: Understanding the differences between continental and marine trace fossils, with implications to the diversity, distribution, and evolution of soil biota ; Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University, Seminar Series ; The study of ichnology has come a long way since its inception and it continues to evolve. In particular, progress is being made in understanding the implications of trace fossils in the continental realm and how they can be...

Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published

submitted by: Phil
he student council ( http://www.iscbsc.org/ ) of the International Society for Computational Biology asked me to present my thoughts on getting published in the field of computational biology at the Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology conference held in Detroit in late June of 2005. Close to 200 bright young souls (and a few not so young) crammed into a small room for what proved to be a wonderful interchange among a group of whom approximately one-half had yet to publish their first...
Authors: Philip e Bourne