"Visualization of a Stampede: On Rendering Vertex Buffer Objects with CGLX" by Madhu Srinivasan

submitted by: apryl

Dr. Madhu Srinivasan discussing his visualization of a stampede. KAUST sonification engineers have developed and will continue working on an audio project that utilizes this type of media.

Vodcast: Corporate Social Media im B2B

submitted by: Fraunhofer IAO

Auch in diesem Jahr war Social Media für Unternehmen das Thema der Stuttgarter E-Business-Tage und 150 Teilnehmer sind am 8. November gekommen, um sich durch Anwendervorträge Anregungen und Ideen speziell für den Einsatz von Social Media in Business-to-Business Geschäftsbeziehungen zu holen.

Zapaday shows future news and events

submitted by: zapadayvideos
You can see the future, if you know where to look: http://www.zapaday.com Zapaday is an open news agenda and global public calendar. It's the world's most comprehensive source of information about the future. This video tells how Zapaday wants to move the focus of the web from the past to the future. And it tells how Zapaday can be useful for journalists, bloggers, political analysts, marketers, event organizers, PR professionals, scientists and travelers.

Effect of Smoking Scenes in Films on Immediate Smoking A Randomized Controlled Study

submitted by: dikla.shmueli
Background: The National Cancer Institute has concluded that exposure to smoking in movies causes adolescent smoking and there are similar results for young adults. Purpose: This study investigated whether exposure of young adult smokers to images of smoking in films stimulated smoking behavior. Methods: 100 cigarette smokers aged 18–25 years were randomly assigned to watch a movie montage composed with or without smoking scenes and paraphernalia followed by a 10-minute recess. The...
Authors: Stanton Glantz, Judith Prochaska, Dikla Shmueli

Science & Social Media: Tamara Zemlo, BioInformatics, LLC

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
On Jan. 6, 2009, in Arlington, Virginia, the National Science Foundation, The Ballston Science and Technology Alliance, and BioInformatics, LLC, hosted a Cafe Scientifique on Science and Social Media. In part 1 of this 4 part video, Dr. Tamara Zemlo from BioInformatics, LLC presents an overview of why scientists need to communicate with each other, the traditional media used, and how new media is changing how science is communicated among professionals. Please visit www.microbeworld.org...

wisskomm tv 40/08

submitted by: wisskomm
Die vorläufig letzte Ausgabe: Ein Interview mit dem Medienforscher Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Peters über seine internationale Studie zum Verhältnis von Wissenschaft und Journalismus und als Fundstück den DLR Webcast mit einem Bericht über das Tsunami Frühwarnsystem in Indonesien.

Web 2.0 Panel

submitted by: dougramsey

A discussion with Brian Dear from Eventful.com, Seth Greenberg from Intuit.com and Turbotax, and Seth Sternberg from Meebo.com on Web 2.0, online enterpreneurship, user communities, advertising, technology and communication.