Separating Duplicated Chromosomes in Preparation for Cell Division: Part 3: Moving the Chromosomes to the Spindle Poles: the Mechanisms of Anaphase A (41:27)

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The third lecture presents evidence, largely from McIntosh's lab, that shows how microtubule depolymerization can move chromosomes in vitro and explores the nature of some of the protein complexes that can couple chromosomes to microtubules and take advantage of this reaction.

Dynamic Mechanism Design

submitted by: dougramsey
I will consider the design of efficient and profit-maximizing Bayesian incentive-compatible mechanisms for general dynamic environments with private information. In the environment, agents observe a sequence of private signals over a number of periods. In each period, the agents report their private signals and choose public (contractible) and private actions based on the reports. The probability distribution over future signals may depend on both past signals and past decisions. The general...