School Lunch Waste Among Middle School Students: Nutrients Consumed and Costs

submitted by: Jfwcohen
Background: The National School Lunch Program has been guided by modest nutrient standards, and the palatability of meals, which drives consumption, receives inadequate attention. School food waste can have important nutritional and cost implications for policymakers, students, and their families. Purpose: Nutrient losses and economic costs associated with school meal waste were examined. The study also assessed if school foods served were valid proxies for foods consumed by students....
Authors: Juliana Cohen, Scott Richardson, S. Bryn Austin, Christina Economos, Eric Rimm

Posting point-of-purchase nutrition information in university canteens does not influence meal choice and nutrient intake

submitted by: ChristineHoefkens
Background: Growing concern over the relation between out-ofhome eating and overweight has triggered the use of point-ofpurchase (POP) nutrition information when eating out of the home. In canteens that offer various unhealthy choices, the posting of POP nutrition information has the potential to improve meal choices and dietary intakes. Objective: The objective of this study was to increase the proportion of consumed meals that comply with recommendations for energy, saturated fat,...
Authors: Christine Hoefkens