Treatment Could Provide Relief for Leukemia Patients

submitted by: mdanderson
At least 40% of leukemia patients seen at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, experience pneumonia in their initial treatments. Scott Evans, M.D., assistant professor in Pulmonary Medicine, Evans and his colleagues have identified a combination of two small molecules that stimulate the lungs to become resistant to infection. They're goal is to use this combination to prevent pneumonia in patients with acute leukemia. Evans describes the research that's being done.

Lymphedema: Basics, Management and New Research

submitted by: mdanderson Many women and men develop lymphedema following cancer surgery. Its onset can occur as far out as two--five years later. Kathleen Smalky, M.D., associate professor in the Department of General Internal Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center, explains how lymphedema occurs, why self-care is important, and discusses what research is being conducted to help those who have this common condition.