The BCG World Atlas

submitted by: azwerling
Despite nearly a century of use, the BCG vaccine continues to be controversial, with known variations in BCG substrains and vaccine efficacy. Because vaccination policies and practices have varied substantially across time and countries, we created this first searchable, online database of global BCG vaccination policy and practices. This interactive website provides detailed information on current and past BCG policies and practices for over 180 countries. The Atlas is designed to be a...

Neuropathic Pain Neurodegenerative Disease

submitted by: alex01

Dr. Remi Quirion (McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) described enhancement of the effects of pain-related peptides by PGE2 . This finding suggests a new, possible complimentary approach to the therapy of pain. Qurion also discussed anti-Alzheimer effect of polyphenols. This effect appears to be due not due to their antioxidant activity only. Quirion suggested the existence of membrane protein than binds polyphenols.