Large-scale Phosphorylation Analysis (Proteomics): Dr. Sean Beausoleil, Harvard

submitted by: dachian

Analyzing phosphopeptides using proteomics mass spectrometry is challenging, especially for large-scale data sets. The problem and solution is discussed by Dr. Sean Beausoleil (Harvard Medical School), who is the co-inventor of the ASCORE algorithm for phosphorylation site localization.

Addressing Peptide ID Signal-to-Noise with Target-Decoy Searching (Proteomics)

submitted by: dachian

How to improve signal-to-noise in proteomics search engine results from tandem mass spectrometry

Peptide ID and protein inference using PeptideProphet and ProteinProphet

submitted by: dachian

Advanced proteomics data analysis for identifying peptides and proteins with high sensitivity and specificity using proteomics mass-spectrometry.

Fast & reliable transition design using MRMaid: new analysis & results

submitted by: bixgurl

MRMaid [1] (pronounced ‘mermaid’) aims to answer the most challenging question faced by researchers attempting to perform MRM (multiple reaction monitoring).

Translational Proteomics 2.0 Meeting: SEQUEST and TPP Tips

submitted by: dachian

Advanced tips on using SEQUEST and TPP by Jimmy Eng of U. of Washington, the co-inventor of SEQUEST