Climbing Droplet

submitted by: Vivienne

Self propulsion of a droplet on an incline

Self-propelling, coalescing droplets II

submitted by: msellier

The video shows the coalescence of different fluid pairs. As the two droplets mix, a gradient in surface energy arises which breaks the symmetry of the system thereby inducing displacement which can transport small particles.

Self-propelling coalescing droplets

submitted by: msellier
Microfluidic devices play an ever increasing role in nano- and biotechnologies. An emerging area of research in this technology-driven field is digital microfluidics which is based upon the micromanipulation of discrete droplets. Microfluidic processing is performed on unit-sized packets of fluid which are transported, stored, mixed, reacted, or analyzed in a discrete manner. An obvious challenge however is how to displace sessile droplets on a substrate. The video presented here illustrates...