How Magic Changes Our Expectations About Autism

submitted by: GustavKuhn
In the vanishing-ball illusion, the magician’s social cues misdirect the audience’s expectations and attention so that the audience “sees” a ball vanish in the air. Because individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are less sensitive to social cues and have superior perception for nonsocial details compared with typically developing individuals, we predicted that they would be less susceptible to the illusion. Surprisingly, the opposite result was found, as individuals with ASD...
Authors: Anastasia Kourkoulou, Gustav Kuhn, Susan r. Leekam

San Diego Science Festival -- Festival Program -- Dumbledore's Transconfiguration Class -- Dr. Alan McCormack

submitted by: sdscienccefestival

Learn about the Science of the Magic of Harry Potter with Dr. Alan McCormack. This Festival Program was a teacher training program geared at exciting kids by integrating the science behind the some of the magic of their favorite movie Harry Potter.

Magic Superglue Demo

submitted by: CSUSTAN-CISL

Glue a beaker to a board by putting the endothermic glue inside the beaker. (0:57 min)

Magic Cup Demo

submitted by: CSUSTAN-CISL

Push a styrofoam cup through a solid box (0:32 min).