Extending MIGS/MIMS to the Description of Ribosomal RNA Sequences

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With the MIGS/MIMS specifications the Genomic Standards Consortium has finished the groundwork to enrich our genome and metagenome collections with contextual data. Now, it is time to consider whether these standards could be applied ‘as is’ in the short-term, and ‘with modification/extension’ in the longer-term to any genetic marker sequence retrieved from the environment. To move for ward and leverage existing interest in the community the proposal for MIENS, the ‘Minimum...


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McWeadon Education Founder Professor Badrul Khan discusses Issues in e-learning online education distance education.

A Step Ahead of the Next 'Big One'

From detection to warning, Scripps researchers are helping preparations for Earth's most elusive natural hazard

SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Stephen T. Hasiotis

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Ichnology for the 21st Century: Understanding the differences between continental and marine trace fossils, with implications to the diversity, distribution, and evolution of soil biota ; Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University, Seminar Series ; The study of ichnology has come a long way since its inception and it continues to evolve. In particular, progress is being made in understanding the implications of trace fossils in the continental realm and how they can be...