Ternary Self-Assembly of Ordered Metal Oxide-Graphene Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Energy Storage

submitted by: liu.aksay
Surfactant or polymer directed self-assembly has been widely investigated to prepare nanostructured metal oxides, semiconductors, and polymers, but this approach is mostly limited to two-phase materials, organic/inorganic hybrids, and nanoparticle or polymer-based nanocomposites. Self-assembled nanostructures from more complex, multiscale, and multiphase building blocks have been investigated with limited success. Here, we demonstrate a ternary self-assembly approach using graphene as...
Authors: Donghai Wang, Rong Kou, Daiwon Choi, Zhenguo Yang, Zimin Nie, Juan Li, Laxmikant v. Saraf, Dehong Hu, Jiguang Zhang, Gordon l. Graff, Jun Liu, Michael a. Pope, Ilhan a. Aksay

New Nanostructured Li2S/Silicon Rechargeable Battery with High Specific Energy

submitted by: yuanyang
Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are important energy storage devices; however, the specific energy of existing lithium ion batteries is still insufficient for many applications due to the limited specific charge capacity of the electrode materials. The recent development of sulfur/mesoporous carbon nanocomposite cathodes represents a particularly exciting advance, but in full battery cells, sulfur-based cathodes have to be paired with metallic lithium anodes as the lithium source, which...
Authors: Yuan Yang, Yi Cui, Matthew t. Mcdowell, Ariel Jackson, Judy j. Cha, Seung sae Hong