Science Nation - Cooperative Robots

submitted by: nsf
Learning a language can be difficult for some, but for babies it seems quite easy. With support from the National Science Foundation, linguist Jeffrey Heinz and mechanical engineer Bert Tanner have taken some cues from the way humans learn to put words and thoughts together, and are teaching language to robots. This innovative collaboration began a few years ago at a meeting at the University of Delaware. One goal for this project is to design cooperative robots that can operate autonomously...

Voicing Gender: a sociophonetic analysis of quoted speech

submitted by: Paul De Decker

This video is a 5 minute slideshow created in Keynote. It is based on the slide from my presentation at the 6th annual Change and Variation in Canada conference held in Montreal, QC, June 2-3, 2012. Contents: first set of results from my project on phonetic variation in quoted speech.

Currently this is no narration but most of the slides speak for themselves. I invite comments/questions/feedback from all interested viewers.

Science Nation - Indian Hand Talk

submitted by: nsf
Historical films, field work reveal more about endangered Native American language James Woodenlegs first learned to communicate using Plains Indians Sign Language from his family, when he was growing up on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana. Known as "hand talk" or "sign talk," the language has been used by both deaf and hearing Indians from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico for at least 200 years, possibly much longer. For this and more Science Nation, go to...

What's the Semantic Web? (for non-geeks)

submitted by: nodrogluap
Have you heard about the Semantic Web but still don't know what it really is? I have yet to see a presentation about it that translates to non-techies without being incredibly vague. This video is my (perhaps Quixotic) attempt at something in between. I gave these two presentations to an audience with no technical background, or interest. If you have at least an interest in how we use language to communicate, and how the Web can harness it better, I hope this will be enlightening.