Ron Shen on Metamaterials

submitted by: icamvid

Ron Shen talks about metamaterials at the LC2CAM conference, including fabrication, optical characterization of linear and nonlinear and metamaterial dynamics.

Role of conserved non-linear structural motifs in the assembly of active protein kinases

submitted by: icamvid

Alexandr Kornev gives a talk at the RPP08 conference that includes:
1) Description of the LSP-alignment
2) Detection of a conserved nonlinear motif in protein kinases
3) Nonlinear motifs termed "spines" anchored to a single helix organize the kinase core.

Maximum-Likelihood Model Averaging To Profile Clustering of Site Types across Discrete Linear Sequences

submitted by: JeffreyTownsend
A major analytical challenge in computational biology is the detection and description of clusters of specified site types, such as polymorphic or substituted sites within DNA or protein sequences. Progress has been stymied by a lack of suitable methods to detect clusters and to estimate the extent of clustering in discrete linear sequences, particularly when there is no a priori specification of cluster size or cluster count. Here we derive and demonstrate a maximum likelihood method of...
Authors: Zhang Zhang, Jeffrey P. Townsend