Discovery made beneath Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys

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Using a novel, helicopter-borne sensor to penetrate the surface of large swathes of terrain, a team of researchers supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) has gathered compelling evidence that beneath Antarctica's ice-free McMurdo Dry Valleys lies a salty aquifer that may support previously unknown microbial ecosystems and retain evidence of ancient climate change. An airborne electromagnetic (AEM) sensor, called SkyTEM, mounted to the helicopter, allowed the team to discover...

Science Nation - Large Lake Observatory

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The Large Lakes Observatory (LLO) helps an interdisciplinary group of scientists use oceanographic research approaches to investigate the mysteries of large lakes, and that includes everything from large-scale reactions to climate change to new microbes and other forms of life. With support from the National Science Foundation, LLO scientists work to better understand the biology, chemistry, physics, and geology of these bodies of water. In the summer of 2011, LLO scientists completed a 17-...

Biology of Algae

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An overview of the biology of algae and microorganisms.