Loss of Klotho during melanoma progression leads to increased filamin cleavage, increased Wnt5A expression, and enhanced melanoma cell motility.

submitted by: Ashaniw
We have previously shown that Wnt5A-mediated signaling can promote melanoma metastasis. It has been shown that Wnt signaling is antagonized by the protein Klotho, which has been implicated in aging. We show here that in melanoma cells, expressions of Wnt5A and Klotho are inversely correlated. In the presence of recombinant Klotho (rKlotho), we show that Wnt5A internalization and signaling is decreased in high Wnt5A-expressing cells. Moreover, in the presence of rKlotho, we observe an...
Authors: Tura Camilli, Mai Xu, Michael O'connell, Bonnie Chien, Brittany Frank, Sarah Subaran, Fred Indig, Pat Morin, Stephen Hewitt, Ashani Weeraratna