ASC Kavli Video Contest Entry

Paula, Harry, and Geovanni tell us why they love science!

Science Brings the COOL to Life!

submitted by: mer2010
Hi, my name is Melissa I have been a volunteer for the Junior Academy of Science St. Louis for 7 years. During the summer, I organize a Science Camp for Girls at Marian Middle School. Marian is a school for underprivileged girls in grades 5-8 and it is an amazing, vibrant place for learning. At the camp, we experiment with fun materials like lip gloss (photo sensitivity), bubble bum (polymers), and marshmallows (air pressure) to show the girls that science is fun, fascinating and...

Why Science is Cool!

submitted by: preciouspomp

A classroom goes funky when an assignment inspires a beat. Science is cool, Word!

Biomimicry makes Science Cool

submitted by: NatureSweetheart

Biomimicry is the science of looking at nature for solutions to problems and inspiration for inventions. A 7 year old, passionate about nature, animals and space, shares a few fun facts about biomimicry.

Science Is Creature Cool!

submitted by: ambauer

We love science because we love to go outside because we love nature. Nature always surprises us!

You Gotta Have Science!

submitted by: CamilleNorth

Why is science is cool? What do these things have in common ... explosions, roller coasters, rockets, Tesla coils, cell phones, and Diet Coke and Mentos? Without science, they wouldn't exist! Brother and sister, Truman and Sydney Clark, explain why science is not only important but also pretty cool.
This video is an entry in the USA Science and Engineering Festival, Kavli Science Video Contest.
Video written, created, and directed by homeschoolers Sydney and Truman Clark

Why Science is Cool

submitted by: calmarpa

Five boys from John Poole Middle School explain why science is cool from their perspective.

Anthony Livingston "Why Science is Cool"

submitted by: Alivingston

This video is for the Kavli Video contest

Science is Cool

submitted by: mlchambers

This video is a music video created to discuss and encourage people to explore science.

Clarke' Snell - Why Science Is Cool

submitted by: clarkesnell2014

Sure you could cover different singular aspects of science...inventions, concepts, and people...but why not talk about ALL the aspects combined! When you do, you realize science is pretty darn cool...

Topic - Why Science Is Cool
Starring - Clarke' Snell (as herself)
- Clarke' Snell (as a nerdy teacher)
Song - Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby)

representing Keystone National High School and the KSNH Bio Club