4/3/2014 iDASH Informatics Open Access Journal Club

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HUGO: Hierarchical mUlti-reference Genome cOmpression for aligned reads Pinghao Li, Xiaoqian Jiang, Shuang Wang, Jihoon Kim, Hongkai Xiong, Lucila Ohno-Machado J Am Med Inform Assoc doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2013-002147 Xiaoqian Jiang and Shuang Wang Division of Biomedical Informatics, University of California San Diego The proposed method produced a compression ratio in the range 0.5–0.65, which corresponds to 35–50% storage savings based on experimental datasets. The proposed...

March 6, 2014. Informatics Journal Club; Caitanya Shivade

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A review of approaches to identifying patient phenotype cohorts using electronic health records Shivade C, Raghavan P, Fosler-Lussier E, Embi PJ, Elhadad N, Johnson SB, Lai AM. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2014 Mar 1;21(2):221-30. doi: 10.1136/amiajnl-2013-001935. Epub 2013 Nov 7. Chaitanya Shivade The Ohio State University We observe that there is a rise in the number of studies associated with cohort identification using electronic medical records. Statistical analyses or machine...

2/6/14 Informatics Open Access Journal Club; Harry Burke

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QNOTE: an instrument for measuring the quality of EHR clinical notes Burke HB, Hoang A, Becher D, Fontelo P, Liu F, Stephens M, Pangaro LN, Sessums LL, O'Malley P, Baxi NS, Bunt CW, Capaldi VF, Chen JM, Cooper BA, Djuric DA, Hodge JA, Kane S, Magee C, Makary ZR, Mallory RM, Miller T, Saperstein A, Servey J, Gimbel RW. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2014 Jan 2. doi: 10.1136/amiajnl-2013-002321. Harry Burke Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences The outpatient clinical note documents...

12/5/2013 Open Access Journal Club: Peter White and Michael Italia

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Harvest: an open platform for developing web-based biomedical data discovery and reporting applications Jeffrey W Pennington ,Byron Ruth ,Michael J Italia, Jeffrey Miller, Stacey Wrazien, Jennifer G Loutrel, E Bryan Crenshaw, Peter S White J Am Med Inform Assoc Published Online First: 16 October 2013 doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2013-001825 Peter White, Ph.D. Michael Italia, M.S. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia We have addressed the acute need of researchers to make complex data...

11/7/2013 Open Access Journal Club; Imre Solti

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Developing and evaluating an automated appendicitis risk stratification algorithm for pediatric patients in the emergency department Louise Deleger, Holly Brodzinski, Haijun Zhai, Qi Li, Todd Lingren, Eric S Kirkendall, Evaline Alessandrini, Imre Solti J Am Med Inform Assoc Published Online First: 15 October 2013 doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2013-001962 Imre Solti Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center We analyzed the EHRs of a random sample of 2100 pediatric emergency department...

Oct 3, 2013 Open Access Journal Club: Jessica Tenenbaum and Melissa Haendel

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A sea of standards for omics data: sink or swim? Jessica D Tenenbaum, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Melissa Haendel J Am Med Inform Assoc doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2013-002066 Jessica Tenenbaum Duke Translational Medicine Institute Melissa Haendel Oregon Health and Science University In the era of big data, omic-scale technologies, and increasing calls for data sharing, it is generally agreed that the use of community-developed, open data standards is critical. Far less agreed upon is...

Journal Club Webinar: Aug 6, 2013, Kimberly Shoenbill

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Genetic data and electronic health records: a discussion of ethical, logistical and technological considerations Shoenbill K, Fost N, Tachinardi U, Mendonca EA. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2013 Jun 14. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23771953 Kimberly Shoenbill, MD, MS Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics University of Wisconsin, Madison The completion of sequencing the human genome in 2003 has spurred the production and collection of genetic data at ever increasing rates....

Peter Embi - Computerized provider documentation: findings and implications of a multisite study of clinicians and administrator

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Informatics Journal Club Webinar Date: June 6, 2013 Computerized provider documentation: findings and implications of a multisite study of clinicians and administrators Embi PJ, Weir C, Efthimiadis EN, Thielke SM, Hedeen AN, Hammond KW. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2013 Jan 25. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23355462 Peter J. Embi, MD, MS, FACP, FACMI Wexner Medical Center The Ohio State University This project takes a CPD has dramatically changed documentation processes, impacting...

05-02-2013 - Journal Club - David C. Radley, Ph.D., M.P.H.

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Informatics Journal Club Webinar Date: May 2nd, 2013 (Thursday) Time: 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM (Eastern Time) 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM (Pacific Time) Reduction in medication errors in hospitals due to adoption of computerized provider order entry systems Radley, D.C., Wasserman, M.R., Olsho, L.E.W., Shoemaker, S.J., Spranca, M.D., Bradshaw, B. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2013 May 1. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23425440 David C. Radley, Ph.D., M.P.H., Institute for Healthcare Improvement...

JAMIA Webinar - 2013

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March 2013, JAMIA Webinar. Presenter: Griffin Weber,MD. CIO of Harvard Medical School