SPPS205 Pharmacy Informatics Lecture 1: Art of Medicine to the Sciences of Health

submitted by: Phil

Howard Asher CEO of ATM Health providing a first year PharmD lecture at UCSD in Pharmacy Informatics (SPPS205). The lecture describes the history and current state of health care and the promise of the future through advances both in basic and clinical care as well as the role that information technology has to play. The major take home message as recorded by the students was the emergence of person centric care.

Research on Chinese Private Entrepreneurship

submitted by: ERIM
An interview presenting the key research results on Chinese private entrepreneurship by the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. In a subtitled interview with Chinese Assistant Professor Zhao Xiaodong, Hans Hendrischke and Mark Greeven discuss the importance of entrepreneurship, the function and professionalisation of networks, innovation in the Chinese IT industry, and the localised nature of the Chinese business environment. These topics are further explored in the book...

Qualifikationsziele und didaktische Prinzipien eines Buches zur Einführung in das IT Management

submitted by: reschol
Verfasser einfuehrender Lehrbuecher tragen eine besondere Verantwortung, da ihre Leser unter Umstaenden erst sehr viel spaeter bemerken, ob sie durch die Lektuere etwas Nuetzliches gelernt haben. Um dieser hohen Verantwortung zu genuegen, wurden, als Basis fuer ein neues Buch zur Einfuehrung in das IT Management, zunaechst dessen Qualifikationsziele und die zu beachtenden didaktischen Prinzipien in einem wissenschaftlichen Prozess ermittelt. Von besonderem Interesse war die Meinung von...
Authors: Olaf Resch

Qualifikationsziele und didaktische Prinzipien eines Buches zur Einführung in das IT Management (mit Folien)

submitted by: reschol
Presentation of my research project, which is a preparation for the writing of the textbook represents. There are also a Pubcast and an article. Qualification targets and principles of an educational book for introduction to the IT Management (with slides). http://www.e-journal-of-pbr.info/metadaten/buchitmanagementresch.html